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Welcome Old and New

Alkimos Surf Life Saving Club would like to extend a warm welcome to those Youth members returning from last season and we would like to welcome our new Youth members too.  It is great to have well known faces as well as new ones coming in.

The Alkimos Youth Program is a program focused on our members aged 13 to 18 years of age. 

Both parents and Youth, as they progress through the Youth Program into the Club / Volunteer area of the Club, are invited, and encouraged to take part in the variety of training opportunities and volunteer positions available.  This not only gives you the opportunity to discover the personal satisfaction you will experience, but also there are many useful life skills you will gain along the way.

Training and qualifications available from 13 years of age including the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) and the Youth Program pathways (explained in following pages). Within the Youth Program, you are able to gain exposure to the following:

  • Age Group Managing (AGM)
  • Officiating
  • Event Producing
  • Coaching
  • Lifesaving
  • Training
  • Competitions

From the age of 15 years, you’re are able to gain your Bronze Medallion qualification and progress into an IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) crew position.  You also have the opportunity to gain further experience in the above-mentioned areas and ready yourself to decide on how you would like to progress as you work through your Life Saving career.

Any queries or EOIs in relation to the above information are welcomed.  Contacts are as follows:

Youth Co-ordinator:

Youth Club Captain:

Youth Diagram

As depicted in the diagram above, there are specific pillars that makeup the Youth Program. The Youth Program is a Surf Life Saving WA initiative where Alkimos Surf Life Saving Club supports and mentors each Youth participant through each level of the Youth Program. The areas of the Youth Program include training sessions, mentorship, development camps, award levels and logbooks. This program is only available for our Club members aged 13 – 17 years.

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Training Sessions:

AGM: An information session is provided for Age Group Managing (AGM). The Youth Member assists with a Nipper group for a season, along a mentorship program and completes an e-learning component. On completion of all the aspects including a log submission, there is the option to progress to a qualified AGM.

Officiating / Event Production / Training: Information sessions are offered at Surf House in Balcatta – these occur about 4 times a year, generally in the school holidays.

These sessions in conjunction with attending 3 practical sessions which enable the Youth Member to become a Youth Official / Youth Event Producer / Youth Trainer.


In addition to the above-mentioned options, Youth members have the opportunity to gain Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. These awards are presented on logging the hours the individual takes part in within the three pillars of Lifesaving, Training and Surf Sports. Each level is an increase of the hours obtained and these are extremely easy to gain once you start volunteering on a regular basis throughout the season.


There are two different logbooks. There is the training / mentoring logbook, which is individual to each activity i.e.: AGM, Training, Officiating, etc. This requires a minimum of 3 sessions to be recorded.

The second logbook is for the award levels of the Youth Leaders Program (YLP) – this incorporates recording the hours of all the activities chosen by the individual, to obtain the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.

Just a little more information on…

Youth Official: Officials play an extremely important role in the competition environment. Youth attend SLSWA carnivals and assist in the officiating capacity.  A little yellow logbook is provided by SLSWA and all attendance is recorded here. Youth are supervised at the event by several different people from different Clubs and SLSWA.

Youth Coach: Youth Coaching spans over several Surf Sports i.e.: sprints, flags, swimming, boards, and iron races. The mentor program starts at the club during coaching sessions. There is the opportunity to obtain an advanced coaches’ qualification through additional e-learning and assessment submissions if this is sought after.

Youth Trainer: Like the other Youth qualifications, attendance to the Balcatta course followed by attending 3 course sessions (SRC / Bronze Medallion) is required. Once this has been obtained the individual will be welcome to assist with the training of SRC and Bronze Medallion courses.

Youth Age Group Manager: An information session is attended at the beginning of the season by the individual.  An e-learning component is also required to be completed with a logbook of 3 sessions, assisting a Nippers Age Group. From here the individual is an AGM assistant.  Generally, becoming an AGM and the sole leader running the Nipper age group is obtained at 18 years of age.

Youth Event Producer: Again, like the other Youth qualifications, attendance to the Balcatta course is followed by a practical component. The practical can involve options from interviewing athletes and participants in the event, sport commentating, videography, assisting with event management, photography, social media, content management or multi-media communications.

Development Camps: SLSWA run two development camps per year. TOAD for U14 and U15 and Rise up for U16 and U17.  These Camps are 2 / 3-night Camps that are run in school holidays. Each attendee does a course on the camp e.g.: Radio operators’ course and takes part in many other activities that enhance leadership and life skills. Members are provided the opportunity to submit an EOI and a committee assesses the submission and the commitments of the individual to surf and the club.


What does it mean to be part of the Alkimos Surf Life Saving Club Youth:

As explained, the Youth Program is a program initiated by Surf Life Saving WA.  Alkimos Surf Life Saving Club also offers additional programs of mentorship and a supported area where Youth members can expand their knowledge and individual strengths within the Life Saving Club areas.

We encourage the involvement and building of experience within the variety of areas as follows:

  • Lifesaving
  • Age Group Managing (AGM)
  • Training
  • Fundraising
  • Officiating
  • Event Producing
  • Coaching
  • Patrolling
  • Competitions
  • BBQ / Uniform shop
  • Club maintenance

Youth 13 – 14 years:

As our 13 year old’s transition from their Nippers experience, we do all we can to make them feel welcome and assist with them gaining exposure and confidence to their next step with surf. First stop is their Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC), where they obtain their first set of Red and Yellows (uniform).  From here they are rostered to assist with beach patrols. On weekends where they aren’t on the roster, they are more than welcome to assist with water safety and as Age Group Manager Assistants.

Youth 15 – 17 years:

Here is the next step in their Surf Life Saving progression – the Bronze Medallion.  The foundation of all future courses and qualifications within Surf Life Saving. As AGM assisting increases, we can look to becoming a fully-fledged AGM (18+).  Patrols and water safety continues with looking to gain further responsibility and exploration.  Bronze Medallion members are able to look at getting involved with IRB crew with a view to getting their drivers at 17 years old.

The Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate (ARTC) is an addition to the first aid certificate that does not require a Bronze Medallion as a pre-requisite.


Fundraising done by the Youth ensures funds allocated to the Youth.  During Season 21/22 the Youth raised funds that were used to implement their own logo and Youth shirts.  This was a huge milestone for the Youth as they had the responsibility of designing the shirts.

Future activities put forward by the Youth for the funds raised include a Youth Camp and activities such as bowling or Youth day / nights out.

Fundraising activities run by the Youth so far include car washes, BBQs and bake sales.  They often sell icy-poles too.

The club encourages the participation by all Youth members so that they all are able to reap the rewards of volunteering.

Youth Activities:

The Club often holds Youth nights where the Youth get together and share a pizza or have a burger.  The group has a lot of fun together, even if we try to have a focus or obtain something in specific.  Last year most of our get togethers were around implementing the Youth shirts.  Recently, we have got together to gain information on how the Youth want their regulations and policies to be decided on. As we move forward and grow as a club and community group, we would like to see the Youth create committees of their own to assist with running Alkimos SLSC.